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Immunocologie takes skincare to a different dimension.  It’s the first skincare line to work with your immune system, a process that involved creating Bioferm, which is at the heart of Immunocologie and was 40 years in the making. 

The science behind Immunocologie is quite an impressive list.  It is linked to Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györki, the Nobel Prize winner who discovered Vitamin C.  Albert’s work on vitamins, health and disease as well as oxidation and fermentation inspired Immunocologie’s fermentor Manzoor Jaffrey, who discovered and patented anti-aging benefits of alpha hydroxy acids. The Bioferm process he created helps the ingredients to penetrate the skin more efficiently. See what I mean by impressive science and scientists?!  You can read more about how Immunocologie works here

The overall product line from Immunocologie helps to lighten brown spots also known as age spots, improve skin’s texture and give skin that “lit from within” glow.  Immunocologie includes several products from cleansers, serums, moisturizers and masks.  I was sent the Line Smoothing Treatment Serum to test and have been using it for several weeks.   I use a few drops from the dropper to apply all over my face and neck.  This also can be used around the eye’s orbital area.   I started seeing results after about 3 weeks of using the serum.  In fact I had complete strangers tell me my skin looked amazing – which made me feel wonderful!  I noticed my skin appeared more “fresh”.  Maybe that’s the “lit from within glow” they describe.   My forehead wrinkles also appeared to be softer.  I stopped using it for a few weeks when life became rather hectic for me and my skincare routine went out the door.  I could definitely tell the toll it took on my skin and others noticed too.   Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’m back taking care of myself and my skin and Immunocologie is definitely an important factor in my skincare routine.