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When I asked readers last week what their skincare issues were – it was interesting to hear the responses from so many of you.   Sagging skin, age spots, dark circles, puffy eyes, softened jawline, acne, large pores and more.   Many of you had makeup issues too.   Well, I’m going to try and offer suggestions on how to correct, or lessen or prevent or even mask some of these issues.   

Melasma, brown spots, facial discoloration, sun spots, age spots – we’ve heard it all, and after many years of sun exposure that went unprotected on our faces and bodies, it’s starting to show up on our skin now that we’re over 40.  There are a few ways to correct or at least lighten these dreaded aging enemies – products that lighten the skin like Vitamin C, hydroquinone and others, but I’m going to focus on doing microdermabrasion at home,  PMD Personal Microderm to be exact – also seen on the TV show The Doctors .

Twice at the dermatologist I’ve had microdermabrasion done at $150 a time.  I should have done more treatments and closer together than 7 months apart, in order to get the best results, but it’s expensive (that included a facial with it). So right off the bat the PMD is a better value.  This particular unit has a pad tip that is aluminum oxide crystal – it comes with 6 tips; 2 strengths and a single large tip and 2 smaller tips.  The green tip is the stronger version and the blue the more mild.  Microdermabrasion is a two-fold process in one, as the tip is rotating and exfoliating your skin there is a suction that works in conjunction with the pad to removes the dead skin cells.  You get a deeper exfoliation and a “blasting” (although that seems like too harsh of a word than applies) to remove the top surface of dead skin cells.  Over time a more even skin tone is revealed with less spotting and discoloration.  I used the blue, gentle tip 4 times over 3 weeks and my results are shown below.


I’ve circled the location on my face the “age spot” that bothers me.  Although not intense in darkness, it has gotten darker over the years.  Here I have no makeup on at all to show you my bare skin.  (scary, I know!)

Here is the “before” closeup of the spot.  You may notice there is a slightly lighter spot to the upper right of the darker spot too.


Here are the “after” shots close up.   The age spot is significantly lighter than before using the PMD Personal Microderm.  Redness around the area appears less significant as well.  You can click on the photos to see a larger, closer look.

What do you think?  Are you as impressed as I am?  PMD Personal Microderm System retails for $179.00, about the price of one treatment at the dermatologist.  Personally, I’d rather use this at home and continue to see results and save my dermatologist trips for things like retinol peels and laser treatments.  This can be used on the face, chest, or anywhere there is skin discoloration and in need of exfoliation like elbows too.

Make sure you watch the video that is enclosed for proper instructions.  If you keep the unit on one spot on your face too long, you can expect scabbing.  Also using a product like the M2 Skin Refinish before using this it does accelerate results.

PMD was sent to me for testing and review by SkinCareRX