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Hey Dude

Let’s face it, we need to give the men in our lives a little skin loving too.   It can’t ALWAYS be just about us – can it?    I mean, we don’t want to look so fabulous and then have Mr. Scruffy Face standing next to us, so we need to give him a little help where and when we can.    I figured we’d pay a little attention this week to the men in our lives in honor of my very own Mr. Scruffy Face (he’s really not) as it’s his birthday this week.

Men’s skin is vastly different from ours.   It’s around 20% thicker, meaning it has more collagen and elastin so it can stay younger looking longer.   I know it’s not fair – damn it!   But, do they take care of their skin the way we do?  Typically no, but we’re about to change that for them.   Hey Dude is a men’s skin care line targeted for their special needs.  I mean think about it – we get irritation from shaving our legs a few times a week, so can you imagine how dried out and sensitive our skin would be if we shaved our faces no less, every single day?   Ouch.   So let’s help him give his skin some TLC.

Hey Dude Aftershave

Hey Dude products contain only natural and organic ingredients and are never tested on animals.  There are 9 products in the line, including a couple different cleansers and moisturizers depending on what type of skin your dude has, so it’s not super complicated.  I like how the packaging is really man friendly too.    If you’d like your man to try Hey Dude, enter for your chance to win the Hey Dude Aftershave!

Just enter your name in the comments for your chance to win this aftershave for your dude.  A winner will be drawn on Thursday, April 8th at 12:00 noon CST.   Good luck, and your man will love you for it!

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