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Healthy eating tips by Ole Hendrickson


Skincare guru Ole Henriksen, founder of the OLEHENRIKSEN Spa in LA and namesake beauty line reminds us that with the influx of fad diets we often forget about basic health principles.   We must eat well in order to maintain great skin and health.

“The skin is your body’s largest organ and all skin renewal processes are impacted by what we eat,” he says.  “Ask yourself:  are the foods I’m eating serving my body in the best way possible?”

Dining Out:
Whether dining at a five-star restaurant, or grabbing a quite bite to eat, Henriksen scans menus for salads, vegetable soups and simple sandwiches before placing his order. He believes each dish should include complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.  Some items he might order include:

·  Chicken: grilled, not fried or stuffed

·  Fish: grilled or poached, never fried

·  Salad: filled with dark, leafy, green vegetables, and dressing on the side

·  Dessert: never order individual dessert, share sweets or take a few bites. Ordering a fruit salad is a smart choice

·  No salt: ask for food to be prepared without salt, as it makes the skin retain fluid, causing puffiness and bags under the eyes

·  No juices or sodas: these beverages have high sugar concentrations, which peak testosterone levels and therefore oil levels in the skin

Managing Stress Factors:
Work presentations, financial obligations and school grades are all causes of high stress that often lead us down a path of fatty foods. However, healthy grains and sugars get us through the day easier than carbohydrate-filled snacks. Henriksen says to prepare nutritious and delicious food at home to save money and time. One of his favorite snacks is multigrain toast with unsalted almond butter and mashed fresh raspberries on top, like a makeshift jam.

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