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Recently I got to thinking about how COVID-19 has affected my life. The changes in my life mostly because of the illness, not the illness itself. I decided to ask several people how their lives have changed, whether good or bad, and wanted to share with you what I found out.

*Gardening is a new for several people.
– “I spend so much time outside! We planted our very first garden! We call it the Victory Garden.”
– “I’ve always loved gardening, but now I have more time to really enjoy it!”
– “I’ve never had a garden before and now that I’m looking out at my patio all day when I’m working from home, I decided this is the year. For the first time in my life I am growing tomatoes!!”
– “Gardening sucks so bad!”

*Backyards have become more special as well
– “I’m also taking so much better care of my back yard. I can run out on my lunch break and pick a few weeds and water a few plants. I actually am enjoying my yard for the first time in a long time.”
– “I have had a few little back yard happy hours while keeping social distancing in mind. I love them so much!”
– “My townhouse backs up to another one and watching friendships develop between kids and adults while staying on their own decks has really been heartwarming”

How one exercised has changed during COVID-19

*Fitness has taken on a different meaning
– “I had every intention of doing workout videos and keeping in shape. That did not happen! But I have found meditation is new to me and I find it has really helped with anxiety”
– “Since my fitness center was closed for so long, walking and biking are my new forms of exercise.”
– “At first I was so stressed out that I couldn’t exercise, eat right, none of it! Then after a few months I realized how horrible that made me feel, so I started adding exercise to my life and watching better what I eat.”
-“The slower pace of life now was initially an adjustment, but now I’m enjoying it very much!”

Changes in beauty and skincare routines

*Beauty routines have changed
– “Since I don’t have an office to go to any longer, I no longer need to worry about putting on makeup every day. Instead skincare has taken priority and my skin has never looked better!”
-“I’m doing so many more home treatments like masks weekly.”
-“I still like to wear makeup, although I have nowhere to go. But I wear a lot less.”

More meaningful conversations

– “Schitt’s Creek was such a lifesaver for me. I knew I could get a big laugh and feel good whenever I watched it. I cried when it was over.”
– “Grace and Frankie has given me so many laughs! The two of them remind me of me and my friend.”
– “My husband and I have never had such long, interesting conversations in our whole 40 years!!! So much time together!”
– “I could not live without my neighbors.”

*Not all is good
– “I’m very social and working from home has isolated me and I don’t like it at all. I long for the days to get back to work like it was before.”
– “All the closeness over time has definitely put a strain on my relationship with my family.”
– “Who knew getting my nails and hair done were so important to me. I missed those little luxuries terribly.”
– “My business completely changed and I had to find new ways to attract clients. It’s been a struggle, but I’m hopeful things will turn around.”

How has COVID-19 changed you?