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So what is it about men and them being able to “wash and wear”?   Seriously, my husband can shower, shave and dress in 15 minutes flat.  I do get jealous about that sometimes as I am NEVER quick it takes me forever to look presentable.   And then most times I think I am still not.

But, I think my husband has learned over time from watching my routines that taking care of your skin is important too.  He has commented to me (or more like complimented) about how nice my skin looks when he sees other women around my age and their skin doesn’t look as great.  I think I convinced him he needs to take care of his skin too.

Enter Alford & Hoff.   This skincare line was developed by two men, Barry Alford & Jefferson Hoffman in conjunction with noted cosmetic and plastic surgeon, Dr. John Gross.  It’s created specifically for men and their skin care needs.

My husband has been using this serum and it’s funny how often he will say to me “I REALLY like this face stuff”.  Because most guys won’t distinguish between serum, lotion, cream etc. it then becomes “stuff” and as long as they like it and it’s working, that’s all we need to tell them – it’s “stuff”.  I can attest to the fact that while his skin is not saggy, it definitely was looking dry and dry skin was aging him.  Now his skin now looks better than it has in a long time.  

A happy husband makes a happy wife. 

I think he’ll keep on using this “stuff” for a long time!