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If you’re a regular reader of Fab Over Forty you know that I’m a huge fan of Kate Somerville skin care products.   I’ve been using them for years and a few are constant mainstays in my skin care routine, such as the ExfoliKate, Gentle Cleanser, Quench, Micro Lactic Polisher and more.   I was first introduced to the line nearly 3 years ago while in NYC and was thrilled when it finally came to Minnesota via Nordstrom Mall of America (MOA)

The other day while taking a whirl thru the Nordstrom cosmetic department I stopped to see what was new at Kate Somerville and sa Bryna Tally had just gotten in an amazing machine – the same machine that Kate Somerville herself uses in her clinic in LA.   Only a very select few retail outlets have this machine and luckily my local Nordstrom is one of them.   It’s a professional grade oxygen machine that is used for her DermalQuench Treatments.  Kate calls these treatments her “Red Carpet Treatment” as so many Hollywood stars have this done before walking the red carpet to keep their skin moisturized and plump and line free. 

The machine is similar to the one shown above.   A professional grade of Quench (a higher concentrated version of what is sold at the stores) is put into the air brush unit and and sprayed onto a specific area on the face and then oxygen is used to push the product deeper into the skin.   I had this treatment done and had some pretty amazing results! Bryna did half of my face first so I could see the results.  Immediately my lines were definitely lifted and smoothed out and the area that was most noticebly changed were those awful marionette lines, they were GONE!   She also treated the area above my lip and it pulled the lip up making it appear more plump.  My squint lines (what I call the lines across my forehead) were gone too!   The next day I was shocked to see the results were still noticeable. 

Here’s the fabulous part for you too!   If you live near or want to drive to Nordstrom Mall of America, they are having an event October 1st and 2nd called Beauty on Location.   If you purchase $150 in Kate Somerville products you get this treatment done for FREE!   At Kate’s clinic this is over $250 for the treatment alone!   Not only that, with that $150 purchase you get a FREE FULL SIZE CLEANSER!    Wait!  The fabulousness doesn’t end there – Bryna has agreed to give any of my readers that book an appointment for that weekend another special gift with purchase.   But, you must book with Bryna and you MUST mention Fab Over Forty in order to get the additional gift!  

Call Bryna at Nordstrom today to book your appointment.   Her number is 952-883-2121 ext 1421