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Tatcha hydrating Mask

Tatcha is a Japanese skin care line that uses century old Japanese traditions to create their product line. They have a product called  Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask that creates mind blowing results in a mere fifteen minutes. It contains red algae which is deemed totally safe for sensitive skin.

The mask comes in an individually sealed pouch and whenever you open it, you remove the mesh backing and press the mask onto your face, gel side down, and leave on for fifteen minutes. After removal, you can pat the remaining product into your face, or apply to your hands, elbows, etc.

Tatch mask

Talk about instant gratification! I was absolutely glowing and appeared more youthful and my complexion was beautifully dewy. Rarely have I tested a product that had instantaneous visual effects. This mask would make an excellent gift for any woman on your gift list.

Whenever I first read about this mask, I was impressed with the fact that it was “designed to help speed the recovery time for burn victims”. I knew that it would be super hydrating but I never expected it to yield such radiant results.

This item retails for $ 28.00 each or you can buy a box of four masks for $ 95.00. I realize that all of us aren’t in a position to invest $ 95.00 in skin care therefore I am thankful that you have the option to buy one mask individually.

Consider trying this, even if only for a wedding, a date, an interview, your class reunion, or any other occasion that you wish to create the “wow” factor. After I used this mask, several of my friends asked me if I had been on vacation – that is how well rested I appeared.

Order this great product at www.Tatcha.com and receive three free samples from their line with your purchase and free shipping!

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