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We’ve all heard countless times that need to exfoliate the face to remove dead skin cells and to refresh and renew the skin. However, how often do we think about the rest of our body? With winter quickly approaching our skin tends to get drier with less humidity in the air, furnaces running and sucking the moisture out of the air it leaves our skin dry and parched and we need to exfoliate dry skin away, too.  BeautyRx has a solution with their Daily Exfoliating Body Therapy Lotion.

This isn’t a typical body lotion, but instead made specifically for dry and flaking skin. It’s made with 10% glycolic acid that is pH balanced so there is less chance of irritation than other glycolic acids and it also contains Tetrafoliant™, a proprietary ingredient that exfoliates the skin and leaves it soft and improves texture and tone.

Here’s how I suggest using it as this is what worked for me – I started out using this once every other day, although they recommend you can use it once a day for a few weeks and then twice a day.  My skin isn’t quite that dry, so after a few weeks I upped it to once a day.  Also, if you feel your skin is drier in certain areas – then concentrate on using it only in those specific areas. The thing to remember is that this is a treatment and not a body lotion to slather on all over.  Once you use it then top your skin with a light moisturizer for maximum effectiveness. It made an incredible difference in my skin and especially the dry areas.

Product received for consideration of review, results are my own and yours may vary.