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Beginners Luck Kit Every Man Jack

A few weeks back I received this Every Man Jack Beginner’s Luck Kit, so of course my husband was thrilled! He’s used the Face Lotion before and loved it, so to try out all these products he was in, what shall we call it, man-glam heaven. (Yes, he would be embarrassed if he knew I said that, but he would also get a good laugh!) So here’s his review/comments on the product, with a little commentary by me as well:

Let’s start with the Body Wash in Signature Mint. At first he was a little surprised by this and not sure what to think. But hey, he’s a guy who typically gets as far as a Dove bar of soap and calls it a great shower. So after using this a second and continuous time, he really likes it. It’s moisturizing and has a strong minty scent that “smells good, feels good, and actually kinda tingles”. Must be invigorating by my deduction.

Body Bar soap. This is tallow free and 100% vegetable based. He loves this bar of soap, thrilled that it wasn’t a “girlie” scent (which is probably why I personally didn’t care for it – smelled too much like a guy, but in a good way)but a woodsy scent and it’s moisturizing. This may have to knock some of my bars of soap out of the shower soap dish according to him. We’ll see!

Face Wash -Pre-Shave. Well, to be honest, he hasn’t tried this yet. He says it has that great minty scent, but asking him to wash his face with something other than the bar of soap or the body wash – well that’s just asking too much. Maybe I’ll resort to having one of the other two males in the house give it a shot.

Shave gel. Well, at first he was reluctant to use this because he’s ‘not a gel user’. What? I know, I know – but he can be stubborn about these things – as in the past I bought him some nice shaving gel and I had to return it because it wasn’t FOAM. But lo and behold, he used it, and really likes it! Now he uses it all the time. It goes on smoothly and gives a nice close shave. I can attest to that – no whisker rubs being had against my face!

Face Lotion– This is his favorite in the line, and has used it before as I mentioned. It’s non greasy, is soothing to the face and has a nice cooling effect.

These are all the products in the Beginner’s Luck kit along with a toiletry bag for just $25. Many of the products have a few scents to choose from – like Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Mint – just find your favorite to buy separately or in the kits. They’re a great value at $25 for the kit and around $5 for each product. That truly is a bargain, because if this were marketed to women, it would be at least quadruple in price! So hey, make your guy think you spent a lot of your hard earned money on him, and the secret will be just between us.

Available at Target and Everymanjack.com