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I work in the city and most days take the bus to work. That along with the fact that I can have oily skin, most days I can’t wait to get home to wash the daily dirt, grime and makeup off my face. I know I’ve said it before, but I’ve never gone to bed with a stitch of makeup on my face and I really think that has helped my skin over the years. This is the face cleanser that is a must on those days that I can’t wait to cleanse my face.

Eve Lom is a wonderful line that is available at Space NK, which is in NY. First off, I heard about Space NK from reading about it at Blogdorf Goodman, and what a fantastic apothecary it is. So I went to their website http://www.spacenk.com/ and had a look around at what they had to offer. I’ve heard fantastic things about the Eve Lom line of skincare and emailed them about about the line and if the cleanser really would work for my type of skin. I didn’t get a response by email, they called me! Emily talked with me and I told her my skin issues, oilier, but when it’s below zero temps it’s very dry and over 40 skin in general. She said this would work great for me and after our conversation I purchased it over the phone and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. She was right, it’s great!

Eve Lom is an actual person who was from Czechoslovakia and then worked as a facialist in Hollywood before moving to London. She believes that good cleansing and exfoliation are the best basics of good skincare. Her approach is like Mies Van Der Rohe, less is more and that perfectly describes this cleanser.

What an unusual texture for a cleanser, and that alone will tell you it’s special. It is a thick, light weight paste-like texture that appears to have micro grains in it. Do not wet your face or hands before using it – just apply it and rub gently, and keep on rubbing. Before you know it, the grains have dissolved and the texture changes to a slick oily texture. You can just feel it taking the day’s grit and grime off your face. I doesn’t leave your face oily or slick, just smooth and fresh and soft like a baby’s bottom. It contains cocoa butter and chamomile oil to soothe and condition, hops oil acts as a rinse aid and clove oil and eucalyptus oil have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

I also like the Eve Lom Moisture +15, but I’ll describe that in a future post, along with more from Space NK.