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Don’t you just hate it when you have dry itchy skin, and the lotion only seems to work so-so and if it does work, it’s super greasy? Well say goodbye to all of that.

I’ve been blessed with sensitive, dry, itchy skin and even patches of eczema. My dermatologist recommended this to me several years ago and I was hesitant to use it to say the least. Remember the Eucerin in a jar? They still make it, but it was like putting wallpaper paste on your body. YUCK!

This is a fantastic lotion that is creamy, but not too thick, smooth but not greasy. This is my everyday, must have, can’t live without it lotion. Sure, I’ll put on another lotion once and awhile, but then I always wonder why? Or I’ll be in a hurry and forget to put it on, and sure enough my skin flares up. I’ve recommended this to friends when they’ve had dry, chapped, MN weather hands and they have been amazed. I’m not kidding around when I say it’s the best. Oh sure, I leave fancy creams and lotions to try on my hands, but if you want a workhorse for your allover dry skin that is perfect in nearly every way, you won’t be disappointed with this.