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Estee Lauder - New Advanced Night Repair

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair lovers, there’s a new kid in town. It’s the latest update in the Advanced Night Repair serums called Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II serum. This one is their most comprehensive, advanced serum ever. We all know by now (or you should know!) that our skin does most of its repair work while we are sleeping. So having potent, skin-repairing products on our face at night is essential in keeping our skin more youthful.

What makes this one different? Estee Lauder focused on cellular Catabolysis, a natural nighttime cellular purification repair process.  Here’s what Estee Lauder says about the new Advanced Night Repair and Catabolysis:

“Catabolysis activity helps skin cells eliminate internal debris that can cause cellular damage, which in turn optimizes cellular performance and helps increase skin’s overall repair. Considered a critical aging pathway, the efficiency of the Catabolysis repair process declines with age and becomes desynchronized from the night. Together, with skin’s circadian rhythm, the discovery of this natural cellular repair function reinforces the critical link between night and skin’s natural repair processes”

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This new serum contains Estee Lauder’s exclusive ChronoluxCB™ Technology. This technology takes advantage of the nightly repair process of our skin. Where the Catabolysis works with the purifying process, ChronoluxCB™ Technology helps support the natural synchronization of skin’s nighttime renewal process so that skin renews its appearance at exactly the right time with patented clock gene technology.

So what does all this latest mean? Well, this works to keep the skin more youthful looking, which is an end result we all love. This new Advanced Night Repair also aids in reducing the appearance of damage caused from environmental exposure, helps in neutralizing free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated. All things that our skin needs and loves.

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair sells for $62 for 1 oz or $92 for 1.7 oz.