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I am continually impressed with Estee Lauder skin care products and DayWear is no exception.  We all are striving for ways to protect our skin from aging, so Estee Lauder reformulated DayWear with newer technology and ingredients to keep skin looking youthful.

DayWear is available in a Cream (shown above) a lighter weight Lotion and in a Sheer Tint Release.  All of them include SPF 15 – which as we all know by now using SPF is one of the greatest anti-agers around.  It’s also has high performance anti-oxidants which are also anti-aging, and moisturizers to keep your skin soft and fine lines and wrinkles plumped to keep your skin youthful looking.  And we all like that, right!

My skin really likes this new version of DayWear.  I was worried the cream version would be a bit too heavy for me to wear during the day (I tend to have oilier skin in the T zone), but it absorbs quickly and there is no greasy feeling at all.   It has a lovely fresh cucumber scent too.  When it gets closer to summer I may switch to the lighter weight lotion.  Sheer Tint is a single shade tint that works for all skin tones.   I haven’t tried the Sheer Tint and would love to hear from anyone who has to see what they think.