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Erno Laszlo is a name in skincare that has been around for many years – over 80 years in fact.    In 1927  the Hungarian dermatologist was revolutionary in skincare, being the first to formulate sunscreens, introduce products with pH balance and more.  

They have a great website where you can enter your skincare type and concerns and they show you what products will work best for your skin.   Here’s what I’ve been using for several weeks now – geared for dry skin:


Active pHelitl Oil is a pre-cleanser  used to remove makeup and dissolve impurites.    This pre-cleanser says it’s good for oily to dry skin, and in the winter time I have very dry skin and this is a great product to use to boost your cleansing needs, and it feels great as well.   I don’t know how I would feel about this product if I had oily skin – maybe using it in specific areas rather than all over would work best for non-dry skin in my opinion. 



For daytime this R.E.M  SPF 30 Intensive Day Moisturizer is a fabulous moisturizer for many reasons.   For me, the biggest reason being it has SPF 30.   That’s a fantastic amount of SPF needed for sun protection.   This smells wonderful, is mid-weight in texture, doesn’t leave your face oily or pasty looking like some moisturizers with SPF 30 can.  R.E.M. stands for Repair, Energize and Moisturize, and I think their R.E.M. products do that.  I really like this moisturizer.


el-serumNight time serums are a must for those of us over 40 and this TranspHuse Night serum is a great addition to your skincare regimine.  This contains collagen stimulating properties (a must for us) and it has preventative properties for prohibiting future wrinkles.   This lightweight serum is also infused with one of my favorite scents lavender, a natural calming scent.



remR.E.M. Intensive Night Therapy is great for sensitive, dry skin.   Mine exactly especially in winter.  This is a thicker cream, but not one that is so heavy that it doesn’t soak into your skin.  Nope, this one leaves your skin feeling moisturized without a heavy greasy feeling.   It works to plump and repair your skin while you sleep with jojoba, avocado, hazel, sesame, sunflower seed oils, offering anti-aging benefits in a great texture.



The last product I’ve been using, but certainly not the least, is the TranspHuse Eye cream.  It’s an anti-aging eye cream that firms the eye area and protects against free radicals.  This is one of my favorite products in the line as well.   I love the effects of the moisturizer, but it too quickly absorbs so it’s not leaving your eye area oily.  


All these products have a lovely, fresh scent to them without being overpowering.   Again, if you’re interested in the Erno Laszlo line, it’s sold at major department stores as well as online.  If you want to see what products would be good for you, check out those sources to get the most effective products for your skin in the wide range line, I’m certain you’ll find a favorite.