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Erno Laszlo C-Peel

Exfoliating your skin is important for several reasons.   Just don’t over-do it.  You should not be exfoliating your skin more than 2 or 3 times a week.   I personally only exfoliate twice a week.

One exfoliator that I really like and use once a week is this Erno Laszlo C-Peel.   It’s a 2 step process that is very easy to use.    First, take the exfoliating product Phase 1 Peel which is in the jar, and rub it on your face in a circular motion for about 3 minutes.   It’s a very bright yellow color and works to remove all the dead skin cells, but still leaves your skin moisturized. It’s not drying or harsh like some exfoliators are.   Then when you’ve worked that around your face take 2-3 drops of the Phase 2 Activator and put that over your face on top of the exfoliator that is already on your face.   I should inform you that the activator does have a smell to it, but after the first few seconds you don’t smell it any longer.

You will feel a slight warming sensation.   It’s never irritated my skin or felt like it was burning, just a short moment of warmth.   Then rinse off and you have incredibly soft skin! 

The C-Peel product really is twofold.   Not just for exfoliation, which is good for encouraging collagen production and making your skin super soft, but it also helps with skin discolorations and Vitamin C is important in building up those skin prevention defenses against sun damage and other environmental damages.     I really like this C-Peel not only because of how incredibly soft my skin feels after using it, but the fact that it’s helping with discoloration and future damage is very important to me. 

When this is gone, I’ll definitely be restocking my C-Peel.