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I’ve had an opportunity to try out these Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C products.

Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Products

The Vitamin C Day Treatment, the Vitamin C Night Treatment and the Vitamin C Body Lotion.

Vitamin C is crucial in maintaining your youthful appearance by plumping up the skin by building collagen and elastin. This product is moisturized with Torricelumn Intensive. It’s difficult to find out what that exactly is, but after digging a bit it appears it’s their “secret formula” made out of sea kelp and the likes.

Here’s my take on the line – I can’t say my face has suddenly made me look 30, (I’m still waiting for that miracle) but I have had a few good things happen while using these products. First off, I say it can’t hurt to have your “drink” of Vitamin C so using the treatments day and night hasn’t made my skin worse. In fact when I rub the excess of product on the back of my hands, I have noticed that a few (cough, cough) age spots have lightened. I honestly wish I had taken before shots because you can see the difference.

The other thing is with the body lotion, my skin doesn’t feel incredibly soft like it does with the Kate Somerville Goats Milk Lotion, but I have noticed that when I used this body lotion the eczema on my back is completely under control and no sudden rashes or redness.

There also seems to be a Hollywood following of the Elizabeth Grant line. If that alone convinces you, then take the leap! Available online and at ShopNBC.