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We’re coming closer to the end of the month and the Economical vs Expensive comparisons are winding down. I think I may have them appear periodically in the future because people have enjoyed sharing with me their versions and have told me they enjoy hearing mine as well.

Today I have a co-worker, Mary, as a guest comparison shopper and her favorites.



Expensive – Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. Nordstrom has this on sale in a HUGE bottle two times a year, and I purchase it and give one to each of my daughters at Christmas. It costs about $48 at that time…otherwise it costs about the same for a regular-sized bottle! It is sooo luxurious. After three days of using it,your skin feels amazingly soft!

Less expensive – From Target or the drugstore…Neutrogena body lotion and oil in the light sesame formula. I even like the words that are used to describe it on the bottles.

N Oil

OIL – “a sheer moisurizing experience”.

N Lotion

LOTION – “a whisper light skin-silkening moisturizer”. How can one go wrong with that?In the winter, I use the two in tandem for an extra special feel.

Both of these products meet my “scent” requirements which are almost none at all! To me, the Creme de Corps simply smells “rich”. The Neutrogena scent is so pleasant and soft that I feel almost addicted to it!