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One day it’s 80 degrees and humid, then next 55 degrees and dry. I love fall – it gives you a reminder of summer, yet a freshness that makes you want to take your work outside – no jackets required, sunshine, and the beautiful leaves turning and evenings around the fire pit with friends. OK I got away from myself for a minute.

What I hate about this time of year is my skin doesn’t know how to react. A moisturizer that is great one day may be too strong or not enough for the next. Before you know it, I’ve got a zit or two popping up. Like the one the other day, smack dab in the middle of my forehead – brewing like a volcano not quite ready to erupt. I hate it when I get that kind of blemish – huge, red and sits there for days and sometimes over a week, and they’re painful!

The other day I had one of these mini volcanoes brewing on my face, I came home to a sample of this – Dr. Michelle Copeland Blemish Corrector. Perfect timing! I dabbed a bit of this treatment on my blemish and the first thing I noticed is the scent, it has 2% salicylic acid, willow bark extract, mulberry and licorice. I believe it is the licorice that was prominent in scent, and I didn’t mind it at all.

The second thing I noticed is that once you dab it on your skin, a clear coating forms over the blemish, not a white pasty formation like other blemish controllers that I have used. The clear coating allows you to put your makeup on like normal and let the treatment do the work with no one the wiser that you have that ugly volcano brewing on your face!

A few days with using this and things were significantly smaller, and within 4 days completely gone! In the past, for me, it would normally take a week or more to be cleared up and my face back to normal. This is not a cheap product at $58.00. In fact, I was quite shocked at the price, but it does do the job.