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Dove go fresh Restore product line (533x800)

The scent of summer, blue fig and orange blossom, are the scents in the newest Dove products – Go Fresh Restore Body Wash,  cleansing bars and anti-antiperspirant deodorant. Priced from $3.59 to $6.69 makes these a definite beauty on a budget must-have. Orange blossom has always been one of my favorite scents and mixed with the blue fig makes this scent fresh and lovely especially for summer! This scent is designed to make a woman feel refreshed.  Made with the Dove NutriumMoisture technology leaves skin feeling soft and fresh and isn’t abrasive to the skin.

What else are figs good for?  Well, eating of course!  Along with the Dove products shown above that were sent to me, they sent me a salad bowl set and this amazing fig balsamic dressing.  It is so very yummy.  Not only did I use it for a salad but I asked Mr. Fab to use it as a marinade for a pork tenderloin we had to grill one evening.  It was seriously the best, most moist, tender pork tenderloin I’ve ever had!

Summer Salad

Here’s the directions on how to make this Fig Balsamic dressing at home:

10 oz Balsamic vinegar
2 mission figs
1 small orange
3 oz olive oil

Chop figs and oranges into quarters. Place a small pot with vinegar and let warm over low flame. Before vinegar boils, remove from flame and let stand until cool.  Place vinegar mixture in a sealable container and refrigerate for 3 days.  After refrigeration, strain figs and oranges out of vinegar.  Place vinegar in dressing bottle and top off with olive oil.  Shake before pouring.  Best if stored at room temp.  Yummy!

Now you can have your figs and oranges from the inside out!