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Do you ever discuss skincare or beauty products with your girlfriends?  I do, I guess it’s the beauty fanatic in me.  Several months ago some co-workers and I were discussing our various favorite skincare lines and personal routines.   The products were all over the board and most of us had some daily beauty routines (although one admitted that she’s just too tired at night to wash her face! – I believe I have broken her of that bad habit) as well as some weekly additions to our regular routines.   Anyway, one co-worker swears by Dermalogica products, so when I received the MultiVitamin Thermafoliant and the Antioxidant HydraMist, I thought she’d be the perfect candidate to see if these were worthy products. 




The MultiVitamin Thermafoliant is used to open up  your pores and clean them out with lactic acid and then it infuses your skin with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants like white tea – giving your skin the 1-2 punch.   Here’s what Mary had to say about this product.

Multivitamin Thermafoliant…LOVE it! I had been using the gentle cream exfoliant, and I think I will continue using that once in awhile. It is more like a mask thing and very thorough. BUT this product is so easy,quick and I feel like my moisturizer then really gets absorbed so well. I do have to use it with damp skin. The directions say you can use it on dry skin for better results. I tried; it hurt and was irritating to my skin. I do have sensitive skin however. I would definitely purchase this product.


The Antiodiant Hydra Mist is the other product.   It is a refreshing antioxidant-rich spray used to tone the face, set your makeup and replenish your skin. Use it after cleansing, to set makeup or throughout the day to refresh your skin. 

This is what Mary had to say about this product.

Antioxidant Hydramist..a kind of luxury product. It is refreshing feeling. Elizabeth, my daughter tried it and loved it. She said it made her skin feel shiny and alive! I like that it does not have a “scent” except a natural one. I personally probably would not get into buying this because I just don’t take the time to think about using this kind of additional beauty product. But I have to say..it was fun using on the weekends and it probably would be great to keep in my desk and freshen up with in the afternoon.