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I remember when I was younger going to the mall and stopping by Crabtree and Evelyn stores.   I could spend an endless amount of time checking out all the luxurious scents in lotions, potions and candles etc.   But for some reason, over time I stopped doing that, possibly because the older I get the more sensitive I am to scent and too many in one space can send me into a sneezing fit beyond all fits.  It’s really quite embarassing, but also makes it difficult for me to use scented products, which I do love, if I can test them ALONE without 40 other scents mixing in.

So enough of my jabbering.   I’ve been using this Crabtree and Evelyn Conditioning Body Lotion for several weeks now.   It’s part of their Aromatherapy Distillations line and the Conditioning lotion has a nice fresh lemon and coriander scent to it.   It’s probably too refreshing of a scent to put on right before bed.   It’s more of a “wake me up” scent, or “you smell great getting out of  the shower” scent, without being overpowering.   In fact, one afternoon when I put it on and walked by hubby he wondered what I had on because I smelled really nice.  Hmmm!

The lotion is a nice creamy texture, and not too thick, not greasy or pasty at all.  Just a nice texture, and yes, moisturizing on the skin as well.    I’d consider this a lower end luxury priced  lotion with a price of $19.50.

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