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Don’t we all wish we had a cosmetic surgeon in our bathrooms every day?  Well now you can at least have one in a jar with Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar.   Created by Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, a renowned Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon based out of New York who has appeared on Fox News, CBS, NBC and has been featured in More, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

The line of products that I’ve been testing include:

Purifier – an anti oxidant cleanser that has Vitamins A, C and E along with carrot extract.  This is a gel-like cleanser that is best used on a damp face to create a lather.

Pore Reducer – a ph balanced toner restoring your skin to it’s natural balance.   It also includes Vitamins A, C, and E with peptides, antioxidants and humectants.

Eye Lifter – a Triple Action Eye Serum.  It reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness creating the look of an instant lift.

Face Lifter – a firming and wrinkle reducing cream. With peptides, humectants and antioxidants it is hydrating to the skin. This is one of my favorite products in the line.  HELLO!  It instantly made my skin look smooth and firm like magic. Although it was an instant effect on me that doesn’t last forever, over time it has a long-term effect on your skin.  This is a cream, but works like a serum.

Illuminator – a Brightening Cream Complex. A high potency blend anti aging skin cream includes Hexapepetide-1. It also provides antioxidant protection and heals sun damage while inhibiting melanin production and hydrating the skin with organic oils. I also really liked this – it is very creamy, but light.   It is extremely moisturizing without any oily or greasiness.

Resurfacer – Ultimate Skin Exfoliator.   Use this a few times as week to remove dead skin cells and keep new skin cells at the top of your face. It has very fine granules for exfoliation and this is an important step in skincare.

Check out this line on their website for further details.