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I’ve had many people ask me if a Clarisonic is really worth the money.  I always give a resounding “yes”!  Then I hear things like – well I have this little brush thing with soft bristles, but it’s so old I don’t even recall what brand or where I got it.   My response is “It’s not a Clarisonic”.  I believe in Clarisonic whole-heartedly.  It makes skin so much cleaner and removes dead skin cells in the process.   If you think your face wash gets your face clean do a simple test – take a product like a toner after just washing your face and look to see how much dirt and makeup comes off with the toner.  Then do the same after using a Clarisonic and your toner pad will be virtually clean.  So what’s the importance?  Having cleaner skin allows your skincare to absorb better so it works more efficiently.

I recently was sent the Clarisonic Plus in Blue from b.glowing – which is the Clarisonic that my dermatologist recommends.  The Plus version is different in a few ways – there are 3 speeds instead of 2 and it has a brush head for using on the body, which is markedly different than the facial brushes.  The larger body brush has bristles that are more firm and the head rotates in different directions as well.   I’ve used the regular Clarisonic on my body and the Clarisonic Plus works much better with the larger, firmer head.   I used the sample size Body Polish that comes in the kit and loved its fresh scent and my skin felt amazingly soft.

As always, I will continue to recommend using Clarisonic, but for the $35 more it is definitely worth getting the Clarisonic Plus.