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I simply do not know how I had lived so many years without using a Sonicare toothbrush – I was using an older version for about a year before I got my new one several months ago.   Love it!    About 18 months ago I purchased my first Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing System.   Seriously, if I thought the Sonicare toothbrush was amazing, the Clarisonic for your face was beyond words, incredible!   My skin has never been the same and I will never go without a Clarisonic again.  

Now they’ve invented a new product with the same Sonicare principles, the Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System with anti-aging sea serum.   This one is for your eye area.   It vibrates at amazing speed and their philosophy behind it is that it helps the eye serum to penetrate the skin better.   


The top portion contains the serum and just push the button on the side and it dispenses a perfect amount of serum that you apply to the soft rubber tipped applicator.   Then just push the botton on the bottom unit and the vibrating begins.    Gently apply the tip against the skin on the crows feet area of the eye and go back and forth.   The unit runs for 30 seconds and automaticaly shuts off.   Repeat the whole process for the other eye.    My hint is that once you’ve applied the serum to the tip and before you turn it on, dab it in a few spots along your lower eye area, then turn it on – the tip will then glide more smoothly over the area.    See a closeup of the tip below.



One of the things the company boasts about this is an immediate improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, immediate and long-lasting hydration, brightens, firms and tightens the skin.  Over time it is said to have more long-term effects.   I want to show you the short term effects.    Below in the first photo is my eye after a long day at work and all I did was remove any traces of makeup under my eye.  Oh those tired, wrinkled eyes.


Before Clarisonic Opal

 ABOVE- Before Shot

Now below in the next two photos you’ll see the same eye 10 minutes after using the Clarisonic Opal.  There is a noticeable difference in the smoothness.   When I went to bed about 3 hours later, it still was as smooth as it was 10 minutes after using it.   

BELOW – After 10 minutes

After Clarisonic Opa;

10 mintues After Clarisonic Opal

I’m going to need to continue testing to see what the long term effects are, but I’m highly impressed with the short term ones.    The unit is $245 and includes the unit and charger, 2 infusers, an extra tip and for a limited time a travel bag (shown above). 

Right now Clarisonic has a Mother’s Day celebration and giveaways going on!  Just click on Mother’s Day and it will bring you to the site to sign up and see the rules for your chance to win!   There are weekly prizes being given away and the grand prize is a day of pampering for mom and a guest at an estimated value of $1070.  Amazing!