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Caudalie is a French skincare line known for using natural ingredients and a main ingredient has been from the grapevine.  Since 1995 Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie has worked with Dr. Vercauteren to explore the treasures of the grapevine and get the best anti-aging ingredients out of it. The newest and 4th anti-aging patent is in the all new Vinexpert range. Grapevine Resveratrol is an active ingredient in cancer research and is recognized by Harvard’s Department of Medicine as being among the best anti-aging molecules.

This new, 4th anti-aging patent of resveratrol-oleyl is a new generation resveratrol that is boosted for increased efficacy – mainly targeting skin damage from stress factors. Carbonyl stress causes “carmelization” of sugars and rigidification, or even rupture of the skin’s support fibers called glycation. Glycation plays a significant role in tissue damage, which in turn creates wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

I’ve been testing this new line of Caudalie Vinexpert – the Firming Serum, the Night Infusion Cream and the Anti-Ageing Serum Eyes and Lips. The first thing I noticed when using this is the scents of each of these (you know me and my nose!) All of them have a natural/earthy scent to them, each a little different than the next. The scent isn’t overly perfumy and disappears quickly. The serum has the highest concentration of Resveratrol-Oleyl concentration – as typical with serums. It’s a light-weight, nearly lotion texture to it and it goes on very smoothly and evenly.  It absorbs quickly, so there is no residue or tacky feeling on the skin.  The night cream has a nice, relaxing fragrance to it and it too goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. The Eye & Lip Serum is created for the sensitive and thin skin around the eyes and lips and almost has a cooling effect on the skin.

After about 4 weeks of using the line I can say I really like it for many reasons.  One being that the active ingredients are 95% natural origin, but also the textures of the products, my late night working (or having fun) that causes my eyes to be puffy in the morning is much less noticeable after using the Eye and Lip Serum and I like the overall effect that the products have on the texture of my skin. I’m anxious to see what difference the upcoming weeks will make on my skin.  I will definitely use this to the last drop!