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Beauty doesn’t have to have a high sticker price on it.  In fact, when is the last time you’ve looked in your refrigerator for your beauty?   Jessica Metivier, America Now Beauty Pro, offers up her favorite DIY edible face mask.  It’s a deeply nourishing and cleansing mask that anyone can make.  Jessica will be on the November 14th episode of America Now, but is offering Fab Over Forty a sneak peak at one of her favorite masks.

It Tastes as Good as it Feels Face Mask

1 ripe banana – moisturizing agent

1 tablespoon of honey – natural humectants, retains moisture

2 tablespoons unsweetened plain yogurt – lactic acid, exfoliating agent

Mash banana with a fork and add the yogurt and mix together.   Then stir in the honey and apply to your face with  your fingers.  Be sure to avoid the eye area.  Wait about 15 minutes, or until completely dry and rinse with cool water.  Your face will thank you!


Jessica will be offering this beauty mask and other tips on the November 14th episode of America Now.  Be sure to watch!



Image of honey and banana by Bigstock