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Last week while cruising the beauty isles, I ran across this little gem – a combination of skincare and beauty in Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator.   My whole eye area was feeling not right – excessive crying as of late, allergies, no sleep, general exhaustion, all contributed to the “you look really tired” comments I was receiving.   I wasn’t offended, I knew I wasn’t looking my typical self and could even feel the under-eye bags they were so bad.   I kept thinking I should just go home a put a cool gel pack over my eyes.

So in my curious state of “oh is this a new product you need to tell me about?” I discovered this was no ordinary product!   It’s an eye illuminator, but so much more.   The tip, as you can tell in the image above is an unusual shape which is contoured to fit nicely along the under eye area.  It’s a ceramic disc that was created was influenced by the tiles used for the space shuttles.  Those tiles are composed of an advanced ceramic which is critical for their thermal protection capabilities.  The NASA tiles need to keep the temperatures cool as they enter the earth’s atmosphere.   The tip, designed after the NASA tiles, keeps refreshingly cool and feels wonderful when using.  Instantly I could feel the cooling and within seconds I could feel the puffiness diminishing. 

It comes in 2 shades (I used the light/medium) and it brightened up the dark circles instantly.    I could have stopped there, but instead opted for MaKayne to put a dab of concealer on top of it to make my eyes look a little better.   But, for the rest of the day I kept saying to whomever would listen, “I can’t believe how amazing this feels under my eyes!”.   Not only did my eyes feel perkier, but because I knew I didn’t have the bags and overall miserable feeling under my eyes, I felt much happier too.

If you purchase one at Macy’s right now ($58) – they have GWP going on with any foundation or skincare purchase of $34.00, so you get a cute bag with goodies to boot.