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Osmotics Blue Copper 5

Osmotics Cosmeceuticals skincare has a line of products called Blue Copper 5 based on a copper peptide developed and widely used in the treatment of wound care.  Within this line is the Molecular Repair Treatment 7 Night Ampoule Series.  This night time treatment has won the Allure Editor’s Choice Award for its anti-aging capabilities.  This intense treatment works best when used 7 nights in a row and is said to give skin a radiant glow and a healthy tone and texture.

I recently had a reader of Fab Over 40 test this to see what they thought about this skincare.  Here’s what Sharon had to say:

I was anxious to try this as my skin seems to be really dry this winter and it’s been looking dull, too. I felt like my regular skin care I was using wasn’t working as well as it had been, and I was hoping testing this would help. There are 7 mini-tubes of the treatment and I used one per night for 7 nights straight. I was surprised to find home much product was actually in each tube, enough to use all over my face, neck and decollete and that is using it generously too.  I could have used less than 1 ampoule per day and extended the use, but decided to stick to the 7 days.  I immediately noticed a change in my skin the next morning in that my skin was super soft and more moisturized than it had been before, dare I say, it had “the glow”.  By the 7th day I was enjoying how nice my skin looked when I got up in the morning, not all dry and “thirsty” but soft and plump.  They say this works great for skin that has had laser treatments or other peels and treatments and even though I haven’t had that done to my skin, I believe it would work great for that. It was very gentle, non-irritating in any way and as I mentioned before, it made my skin so soft. With a $98 price tag I personally wouldn’t use this every month, but for special occasions when I want my skin to look great or when it’s really dried out and needs a boost, I will definitely consider buying this and using this again.    

Product received for consideration of review, results are of tester’s only and your results may vary.