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Zoya Winter 2010 Collection is called Flame.  I think.   When I received the nail polish collection all the press info along with it said Fire & Ice and I never heard differently that they changed the name of the collection.   However, the Fire & Ice collection is nowhere to be found and Flame has the exact same colors.   So Flame it is.

Here are 4 of the 6 colors in the collection.   As you can see, Gloria and Tiffany are VERY sparkly, Lisa is somewhat sparkly and Sara (how it’s spelled on the bottle) Sarah (how it’s spelled online) has more of a shimmer to it.   Sara is a nice raspberry shade that I love.   Lisa reminds me of pure holiday.   A beautiful true red with sparkle – what more could holiday be?   Gloria is more of a Bordeaux shade but if you are wary of sparkle you may want to defer to Sara.  Tiffany is rose with quite a bit of peach in it and is the lightest of all the shades, but again super sparkly.

Valerie, shown above is grape thru and thru.   It has a bit of shimmer which I like.  If it had been full of sparkles, I think it would have lost the pretty shade it is.


The shade Crystal is the most daring of the group.  Crystal is a teal blue shade that seems to be quite popular this year and it is heavy on the sparkles.   I know I am probably not daring enough to wear this shade for me personally.   I always want to ask my nieces – what shades cross the line for us over 40 year old?  I know they’d be honest, but since I have so many nieces I’d probably get several different opinions.

Remember, Zoya nail polishes are always formaldahyde, toluene, DBP and camphor free.