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Degree Women has a new line of product coming out called Natureffects. The product is schedule to come out in March and the mystery of the new products are building! Asked by the Degree Women PR team if I’d be interested in learning more about Natureffects I said yes. Then the mystery began. Expecting to get a press release, instead arriving on my doorstep several days later was a package containing a small orange olive oil cake. What could this have to do with Degree Natureffects?

Come to find out, Degree Women Natureffects is created to stimulate our 5 senses by releasing our “outdoorphins”. The cake, obviously is our sense of taste and the orange shown above just makes me want to get outside and pluck one off a tree! I’m going to guess that one of the new scents are orange, but we’ll all just have to wait and see!

I’ll keep you in on the fun of what the next sense to be stimulated will be.