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Pretty Powerful


Have you heard about Bobbi Brown’s Pretty Powerful campaign?  I had discussed last month that anyone could send in a video to Bobbi Brown about what makes you feel Pretty Powerful and she would select out of all the entries 15 finalists, which then we as viewers get to vote on our favorite. 

The 15 finalists are now up on her site, and voting ends March 26th.  Each of the finalists were given Bobbi’s new Color Strip Palettes to create their own pretty powerful look.  There are some pretty wonderful videos from the professionally made to the home made ones done in a bathroom.  I only wish that the site didn’t list the rankings of the entries – I always feel that might bias some on their decision of who they vote for and I don’t necessarily think that the professional ones are any more wonderful than the home made ones. 

Check out the site by clicking above and making your vote count!