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I’ve been using a few Urban Decay products as of late – a line in which I have typically thought of as for, well you know, those younger women.   But even in a line that may be considered more youthful, I think in most lines if you look you can find a gem.   And I found two fabulous gems.

I thought I would never give up my Laura Mercier primer,  truly thought that.  I’ve tried a few others and always went back to Laura Mercier.  I’ve also heard people sing the praises of  Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion, but thought it can’t be better than my faithful Laura.   I admit it, I was wrong.

UD Potion Primer in nude is thinner in texture and dries completely sheer.  And, my eyeshadow stays put.  All day.  It’s $17 vs Laura Mercier’s $24.

The 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil  is beyond incredibly smooth upon application.  The great thing about this too is that after 30 seconds (you have that much time to smudge etc) it stays put.  These pencils are like taking silk velvet in a stick and rimming your eyes in it.   I work with fabrics during the day, and if you’ve never felt silk velvet – imagine the softest, smoothest  thing you’ve ever felt – that’s what this is like.

These are my two new Fabulous Obsessions.   What are yours?