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Brushes make a world of difference for your makeup application.   The difference between using the cheap little sponge or unusable tiny brushes that typically come with some makeup vs using quality brushes can dramatically change how makeup looks on your face.   And good brushes are not for professionals only.

I love my Trish McEvoy brushes – I’ve been collecting them for years and have never been disappointed in any of them – ever.   From the full sized brushes to the actual usable sized travel brushes from Trish McEvoy that I own, they all are part of my brush collection which get used and not just admired.  They are work-horse brushes that do their job beautifully.  Another wonderful thing is that I have never had issues with bristles falling out.  I take good care of my brushes and my oldest Trish brush is over 14 years old and work as well as the new ones I bought a week ago.

For a limited time, Trish McEvoy has this Power of Tools Brush Collection available in this pretty red quilted roll for $245.   These are full-sized brushes, and you get 10 of them, which come to an average of $24.50 a brush.  Yes, I know you know math – but $245 for a set of professional brushes that you will actually use is a great value.   And for the holiday weekend, there is free shipping through 9/5/11  11:59 EST and a deluxe size of Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment.