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It seems as though I’ve been traveling more than I have in the past – not a tremendous amount, but enough to get smart about my beauty routine. I’ve compiled a list to help you with your skincare and cosmetics during travel. There’s no need for lugging large bottles and containers and your whole makeup drawer anymore – besides, who can afford to take large things anymore with the airlines charging us by pieces of luggage and/or weight of luggage.

First off, a label maker is priceless. If you don’t want to buy one or have access to one, masking tape with a Sharpie marker will do. Create your labels before you apply if you go the masking tape route.

Clear Plastic Bottles. Any drugstore or beauty store sells these. Pick up a set or two – depending on how many beauty products you have. If you can find any with a funnel, all the better. Just make sure they are all under 3 oz size for TSA requirements, and for the fact if you are gone for a week or less, nothing larger is needed.

What to put in them?
1. Eye makeup remover
2. Face cleanser
3. Toner if you use
4. Face Serum
5. Daytime moisturizer
6. Nighttime moisturizer

Make sure each bottle is labeled, because if they aren’t, you may be putting cleanser on your face when you want a moisturizer – I speak from experience! Some of these can fit into tiny jars so you should have no problem getting all of these in a quart size zippy bag.

*Make sure you carry all these products with you – do not put them in your check-in bag.

Compact foundation.

If you’re the least bit dry, make sure it is a moisturizing formula, airplanes can be torturous on your skin. Another reason the compact foundation is a benefit is because it typically is a thicker formula, so you can apply thinly or if you need a little more coverage for say undereye circles, then apply in layers and you’ll have great coverage.

When it comes to color makeup, here’s a few good options:

I don’t travel anywhere without my Trish McEvoy planner – similar to this one. It holds brushes, makeup colors, powder puffs, swabs – most anything you need. You can get a Trish pre-packaged face palette or create your own with colors you like. An assortment of colors like these can give you great options in looks; dramatic for night, light for day.

Another option is a lip and eye palette like this from Bobbi Brown. More compact, a few simple brushes included, but not all that are needed for a few days. You still get some great color options for your eyes and lips.

A travel set of brushes like these Bobbi Brown or Trish McEvoy ones are a must. You may not need a set of 12, but tiny, puny, set of 2 or 3 brushes are just not enough. Here are a few of my musts:

1. Foundation brush
2. Powder/blush brush
3 & 4. Two eye shadow brushes
5. Flat eyeliner brush
6. concealer brush

Haircare products in mini size.

Most haircare companies have their products in mini size like these. From shampoo, conditioner, gel to hairspray; most are easy to find in drugstores or beauty stores. If you cannot find your brand in a mini size, use the clear bottles shown previously to fill with your brand of products.

The haircare products are not necessary to carry on with you, I feel you can check those with your luggage. If your luggage gets lost, this is something that is stocked at the hotels that can get you by in a bind. Not so with your skincare and makeup, those are musts to carry with you.

Other carry on musts are travel toothpaste for a fresh mouth and hand sanitizer to keep the germs at bay.

Happy travels to you!