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Tom Ford Favorites

It happened one day. I knew it would. How could it not? It’s like nearly every Tom Ford makeup product I try becomes one of my favorites. Instantly from the day I try it.  I know it’s a high end luxury brand and there are a lot of other great products out there that are not as expensive – so it’s not the fact of it being the label etc. It’s that so many of the products are just that good.

Take these products above for example, they quickly have become some of my favorites and my go-to products.  Here’s why – because Tom Ford doesn’t just believe in good makeup, he believes that a good foundation in which to work with is what makes makeup look and perform better. That’s a philosophy we here at Fab Over Forty have been talking about for a long time. Good skincare first, then good face prep all help to make makeup look its best.

The Illuminating Protective Primer is the #1 seller in the makeup line and it’s not surprising to me. It’s not an ordinary primer full of silicone. While I’m not saying that there may be some in it, it’s not the main ingredient – those irritate my skin and make me break out right away. This primer has the Tom Ford Infusing Complex that is in so many of his products. It’s special ingredients that stimulate skin’s natural repair mechanisms so skin looks brighter and less tired. So you get skincare and primer in one.

The Concealing Pen I thought would be like so many other concealer/highlighting pens. This one is not a highlighter at all and what surprised me the most that makes me really like this is that the tip is not a brush, but instead it’s a sponge tip applicator. I love that about this concealer. It makes it so easy to use under the eye, around the nose, on the chin – wherever. The consistency of the concealer is excellent, too – not too heavy, but gives great coverage.

I need an eye shadow base and have tried several – some in pots are too pasty, some too creamy. I’m not ready to give up my Laura Mercier Eye Basics completely, but this Eye Primer Duo is a fabulous one as well. If you have one that is too dry/pasty it just enhances what crepiness or wrinkles you may have on your lids and well, that defeats one of the great purposes of an eye primer. If they are too creamy then your makeup won’t last, so consistency is key here. This one has a great blend of creaminess and tackiness so it gives great coverage, goes on lightly, but covers enough to hide my eye lid redness and not accentuate fine lines. On the top of the pot is a lightweight powder compact to use when done applying and before applying eye makeup. It really helps to keep eye makeup put for many hours.

Brows, brows, brows. I can’t say enough about brows. This Brow Sculptor pen has an angled tip to make application easy, it’s retractable, has a spooly on the one end for blending/brushing and there’s a hidden sharpener in the cap if you feel you need it. I interchange this and my Gucci one all the time.

Lastly the newest foundation Traceless Perfecting Foundation. This has a natural finish that is long wear and buildable. Unlike several long-wear foundations this is not drying at all or heavy. Like the Foundation Primer, this too has the Tom Ford Infusing Complex. I really like the look and finish of this, better than the Traceless Foundation in liquid form, which was too “glowy” for my skin.