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I decided to do a little test on mascaras. For some strange (or not so strange) reason I currently have 4, yes 4 mascaras that I switch between. I mostly use YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara. It never clumps, never flakes and gives me nice thick eyelashes. As I’ve said before, I don’t need length, I need volume for my skimpy lashes. This brush is designed with somewhat short bristles, but numerous ones at several different angles and distances apart.

Well on a purchase I recently made, I received this Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara. It’s a two ended mascara that on one end is a larger brush that is more like a comb style brush, designed to not clump, give your lashes curve and volume and length.

The bristles are not combs but they run the length of the brush in straight rows like a comb with numerous rows. On the other end is a tiny brush made to get all those teeny tiny corner hairs that always seemed to be missed with the larger brushes. This brush is at a 7 degree angle and has evenly spaced spiral bristles. This mascara does not flake either, which no matter how expensive, if a mascara flakes – in the garbage it goes.

See my “before” shot below – with no mascara at all on either eye. I know, scary isn’t it!

Now below is my “after” shot.

As you’re facing my eyes, the one on the right is with the YSL masacara. The eye on the left is the Guerlain mascara. I think the YSL gives me an ever so tiny bit more volume, and the Guerlain one gives me a bit more curve to my lashes. This is only one coat of mascara on each eye. I also did not put any eye liner on my eyes so there’s no illusion of thickness by either mascara.

Is there one you think looks better? Have you tried either of these mascaras and gotten great results? I’d love to hear your comments!