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Bronzers typically come in two forms – a matte or shimmer finish.  TANtalizer by LORAC gives you the luxury of both worlds in one compact.  So you may ask yourself – which is better – matte or shimmer?  Well both offer different purposes.

A shimmery bronzer is great to use on the face if you want it to look like you have a golden glow.  There are varying degrees of shimmer in many bronzers and the preference is yours.  The shimmer bronzer can be used in place of a blush – so use it on the cheeks, the forehead, down the nose are a few examples of where the sun would hit your face if you were tanning.

A matte bronzer can also be used on those same facial features, but if you would like to do a little contouring on your face a matte bronzer is best to use.  When contouring you don’t want shimmer because a matte bronzer will make things appear further away and a shimmer brings them forward.  For example, if trying to contour a cheekbone, place a matte bronzer directly under the cheekbone and the blush on the apple.  This will make the cheekbone appear more defined and give it more definition.

LORAC’s TANtalizer is wonderful in that it works in both ways. On the right side is a medium to deep shade bronzer that can be used on the face or body.  On the left side is a shimmer powder that can be used alone or on top of the bronzer.  The compact is a large size so if you want to use the bronzer and shimmer on the decolette area or shoulders a large fluffy brush would work beautifully. The bronzer offers noticeable coverage and the shimmer is a soft to medium intensity in shimmer.  It’s a wonderful combination of both worlds.  TANtalizer was used on Marg Helgenberger when she got her star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Product received for consideration of review. All opinions are my own.