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Santa usually leaves an assortment of goodies in my kids’ stockings at Christmas.  Like the jump drives they got years ago before they were really used, they thought Santa was crazy until they started using them.  All the time.    Then there was the tire gauge that he left in their stockings a few years ago.  Again, they thought another ridiculous idea, until they, of course, needed one.  

So what are they always searching for in their pockets or the drawers in the house.  Some lip balm, for sure.    So guess what Santa is leaving them this year in their stockings – yep, Softlips lip balms.    They may roll their eyes at Santa and debate whether they’ll leave him cookies next year, but then after about 10 minutes they’ll realize they were wrong.   Again.   And be very happy.

Softlips lip balms come in these cute thin tubes that fit easily anywhere – pocket, purse, drawer, you name it.  And the flavors are yummy.   Like Sugar Cookie.  Who doesn’t love sugar cookies, plus you don’t have to worry about your hips.  Yes, I said hips, not lips.    You don’t need to worry about your lips either.   Softlips are super creamy and moisturizing with SPF 20 for protection, and they come in a very wide variety of flavors.   For the more girly there are shimmer or tinted ones, but guys can use them too – the Beeswax, vanilla, peppermint or any of the organic line would suit them just fine.   

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