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Laura Mercier Summer Nudes Nail Colors

I do crave a bright nail at times, mostly on my toes. But I always love a nude nail, in varying shades of naturals, which is probably why I love this new Laura Mercier Summer Nude Collection for nails.  It consists of six new limited edition shades that I think not only work fabulously for summer, but well into fall too.

Bare Nail Collection by Laura Mercier

Summer Nude Nails

In all the images above the shades are from L-R, Bare Angel, Bare Rose, Bare Haze, Bare Mocha, Cocoa Suede and Bare Espresso.  What I like is whether “nude” or “natural” in a light shade or dark shade, these work for all skin tones.  And if a fair skinned gal like me wants to go to the dark side, that works too.   I opted for the shades Bare Haze and Bare Mocha.

The shades for the Summer Nude nails are -Bare Angel is creamy white with a slight hint of pink in it.  Bare Rose is a flesh rose tone which is an excellent every day shade. I would have purchased this too, but I already own one so, so similar.  Bare Haze is almost a mushroom tone (see below for more images), Bare Mocha is a deeper shade of Bare Haze but with a hint of more pinkish brown in it.  Cocoa Suede is like a rich milk chocolate and Bare Espresso is a deep dark chocolate shade.

Laura Mercier Bare Haze Bare Haze by Laura Mercier

Here’s my hand with the Bare Haze shade.  I find that I can wear this color with just about anything for summer – whether sticking to classic clothing shades of navy and whites or going for a more tropical tone of pinks and oranges, these won’t clash with the clothing.

So those being the six reasons to like this collection I”m going to add a few more. I’m happy to say they have changed the cap on the bottle.  The large top now can be removed to reveal a smaller, more hand-manageable cap for application – similar to what Dior and Chanel have on their nail polishes.  These are also quite fast drying and they keep the shine for a nice long time!