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Its Complicated

I’ve had a couple of wonderful weekends the past two weekends.   One was spending the weekend with my sisters and sister-in-law and the other spent out to dinner with girlfriends.  Luckily for me my family is very close.   We’re always there for each other, enjoy spending time together and we tend to laugh a lot.   Sometimes at inappropriate times, but oh well,  laughter keeps you young.   

With my girlfriends we can do anything from get together at a sporting event of our kids, or for a nice dinner like we did on Saturday, and then not want the evening to end.   So we stay together much later than we anticipate laughing, talking, sometimes crying, but always enjoying each other’s company and know we’ve gotten too old to stay up as late as we did like when we were teens.   There’s nothing like a girlfriend to offer encouragement, support and love and to have one of them tell you your skin looks like a 25 year old’s skin!  

Beauty doesn’t just come in a jar, tube, powder or liquid.   It comes from the heart and having wonderful friends and sisters too!

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