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“Perfect Rouge is about colors that elevate the beauty in life; colors that bring true glamour and elegance within our reach.” – Dick Page

Shiseido’s Artistic Director and celebrity makeup artist, Dick Page, has created his first global color collection Perfect Rouge.  The collection includes 2o intense shades for a sophisticated look – Sweet Pea, Salon, Cerise, Valentine, Mystery, Dragon, Serenity, Venetian Rose, Titian, Gilded Wine, Fuchsia, Tourmaline, Pink Mesa, Ariel, Bubblegum Spiced Cream, Baby, Dune, Almond Pink and Day Lily.

Get smooth, ultra hydrated, luscious lips.

To compliment the new lipstick, Dick also created these Smoothing Lip Pencils with a cleverly, well crafted brush on the opposite end.  Available in 7 shades – Hazel, Anemone, Mauve, Sakura, Siren, Rosewood, Coffee Bean.   Check out their website (below) to watch the master artist, Dick Page, doing his creative work.

Available at www.sca.shiseido.com or department stores nationwide.