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About Face

I spent much of my holiday time off reading the newest makeup book.  This one is About Face by makeup artist Scott Barnes.  I haven’t seen a makeup book like this since the likes of Kevyn Aucoin’s collection of books.  He doesn’t just apply makeup to most of the models in the book to make them pretty, he transforms their looks.  

Heavy on the importance of highlighting and contouring, it’s what he sees as the way to transform the face.  He also talks about the importance of having moisturized skin, because your face won’t accept makeup as well without it.   And relax the face by applying pressure at your jaw joint by your ears – hard pressure.  By relaxing the face it makes you look younger.  

There are many models photographed throughout their application of the makeup, and they are many different age ranges including celebrities.   And of course, Jennifer Lopez is on the cover.  He does most of her makeup applications for her cover shots.

Most of the makeup applications shown are not a quick morning, getting ready for work process.   These appear to be more time consuming and detailed with all the highlighting and contouring.  But, I think it would be fun to try some of these techniques when getting ready for a date night.   Then maybe after a lot of practice, some of the techniques could become quite easy.

At $24.99 it’s a great value in a large, detailed book with several photographs.   If looking for a makeup book that’s not your normal,  run-of-the-mill makeup book this is one to check out.