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rms beauty was developed by Rose-Marie Swift, a famous makeup artist to Giselle, Chanel Iman and other and has had her works published in Vogue, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and more.    After Rose-Marie developed some health issues, she started to really concentrate on all the chemicals in the makeup she had been using all those years.  Unable to find what she wanted in natural and organic makeup, she decided to create her own.

The products are created without petrochemicals, parabens, and synthetics – another words, no nasty stuff!  The packaging is round glass jars/pots, serving to protect the natural ingredients, and they are recyclable as well.  Currently it’s available only online at  rmsbeauty.com

I love how many of the products are dual purpose, for example lip/cheek tint.   I have been trying the Lip and Skin Balm in Simply Cocoa.  I use this on my lips and it is super moisturizing.  It’s not pasty, but super creamy.  I’ve also used this around my nose as I am constantly blowing my nose and it tends to get dry easily.  This has helped the dryness remarkably!   It can be used anywhere on your face as well – even under the eyes.  I wish I had 3 of these – one for my desk, one for my handbag and another for home.

I’ve also have been using the luminizer.  Just use a dab of this on your finger tip and tap it around the tops of your cheekbones and/or down your nose, just a tap is all you need.   I love the control of this luminizer – it’s not too shiny, not too goopy and easy to apply.

The products consist of:

  • Lip and Skin Balm
  • “Un” Cover-up
  • Lip2Cheek
  • Cream Eye Shadow
  • Living Luminizer