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Guest post by Victoria Girard

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to bow down to Father Time and resign to looking older than you feel.  Getting younger looking skin may seem like a pipe dream but there is hope that comes in the simple form of light.  Red LED light therapy is a non-invasive anti-aging alternative that encourages younger looking and acting skin that glows with the vitality of youth but without the high price or risk that comes with surgery.

Red LED wavelengths ranging from 625-660 nanometers and infrared LEDs ranging from 830-880 nanometers were first discovered by NASA to accelerate healing and repair of injuries that occurred in outer space.  On the heels of that discovery countless researchers and scientists begin performing tests and studies revealing immense benefits to the skin.

Red wavelengths have the ability to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin where they stimulate collagen and elastin production, boost cellular energy, encourage healing and reparative processes, in addition to over 24 additional positive responses at a deep cellular level.  The wavelengths easily penetrate and permeate the cells because of the body’s high content of blood and water.  Once inside the body they stir up activity waking up your cells so they function optimally.

Combined with infrared or yellow LEDs, red light therapy is used in spas, doctor’s offices, and in the home to rejuvenate, renew, repair, and de-age the skin.  The treatments are quick, powerful, and completely pain-free.  In just a few minutes positive reactions are set in motion putting your skin on a path of renewal, regeneration, and restoration.

As the LEDs drench the skin with healing light the skin cells react by switching into reparative mode mending damaged collagen fibers and significantly boosting new production.  With consistency, red light therapy diminishes wrinkles, reduces age spots, shrinks pore size, reduces scarring, and gives your complexion a beautiful glow.

The treatments consist of either relaxing in front of an LED light system or holding a hand-held device to your areas of concern and can vary in length from 3 minutes to 60 minutes or more.  There are no incisions, injections, scraping, or toxins to contend with; just pure light bathing your skin with healing energy.

Red light therapy is an advanced technology that allows you to dramatically improve your skin giving it a younger and more vibrant appearance.  It gives you the power to create a more beautiful complexion without any side effects or risk of results that may permanently alter your appearance.

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