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Prior to my trip to Rancho La Puerta, I had not heard of it.   I discovered while there a few of us were “newbies” to the Ranch but so many had been there numerous times.   10 seemed to be a common number of times people returned and while there one woman was celebrating her 35th time back!   To me that just proves how wonderful of a place it is.  

After doing a little online research of the ranch, I did my post Eat Pray Exercise Spa.  I was nervous about the Eat – I love vegetables and fruit, but I do tend to like my meat as well – hey, I grew up on a farm!   But, the food was wonderful as you saw in my post about the food.   And, since leaving the Ranch I’ve still been able to kick my cola habit (2+ weeks now!) and I rarely eat meat, and I do eat more fresh fruit and vegetables than before.

The exercise options are endless at Rancho La Puerta – so many choices from beginners yoga to advanced to various cardio classes and so many other options that you are never left without anything to do.   They also have guest speakers and teachers for classes too, so every week it might be a little bit different.  

Then there was the Pray and Spa portion of my time there.   One of the things I learned at the Ranch was taking care of yourself is so important.   You really have the time and learn how to look inward and become a better person in many ways.   I know you’ve heard the phrase “It changed my life” – I swear Oprah says that every week!   But for me, it truly was life changing.   The meditation, and at night the sky was so clear with the full moon you felt like you could reach out and touch the stars.   The moon glowing on the magical Mt. Kuchumaa at night was amazing!

And then there’s the spa treatments.   Ahhhh.    The rooms in the Women’s Health Center and the Villas Health Center (and I presume the Men’s Health Center too) are so calming an relaxing and peaceful.   Your worries truly melt away and your body feels renewed as you experience the massages, body scrubs, facials and so many other treatments.   You can choose from a wonderful selection to suit your wants and needs.   They are so accomodating to your schedule that week and are experts at their craft.  

My first treatment was the Inner Force body scrub.   I’ve never had a body scrub before and didn’t know what to expect.  A dry brush scrub was followed up by a sea salt, organic clay and a rose and pomegranate body wash.  Once the scrub is done your body is moisturized with natural essential oils and wrapped up in a heavy blanket to let the moisture soak in.    My skin felt divine!

The next day I had a Nature’s Most Pure Facial.   It was 90 minutes of heaven.   Having a professional facial is one of my most luxurious indulgences that I partake in.   I highly recommend that for your skin you try and get a few a year – especially at the change of season.   A facial is so relaxing for me that every thought or worry just leaves my mind and the benefit on top of being relaxed is getting wonderful skin. 

My third treatment was a Relaxation Massage.   A classic Swedish style massage was what my body needed after all the exercising I was doing.   It helped with the tightness of my muscles and the soreness of my knee.   (An old high school knee injury was flaring up because I was not used to standing on the tile floors for long periods of time.   I learned to wear good supportive shoes while on the tile after the 2nd day).

I had scheduled a different body treatment originally as my fourth treatment.  But, after speaking with Roma, who does the marketing and PR for the Ranch, she explained to me the Five Elements body treatment.   It was created exclusively for Ranch visitors with the skin care line that they use.  They use Amala products for the face and Primavera for the body treatments.  The goal of Five Elements is to balance and restore the Qi energy of the body and mind.   They use an aromatherapy blend to connect and balance the body and mind with the five natural elements.    I chose the Water treatment.  It’s a lymphatic body treatment that uses long undulating body movements to facilitate drainage.    You can choose between water, wood, fire, earth and metal. 

And for my fifth and final treatment, I really debated between a Hot Stone Massage or a Seaweed Wrap or a few others.   I ended my week with another facial.   Normally I wouldn’t consider another facial, but since I had my first one 5 days earlier, I decided there was enough time between the two.   Elva did my amazing Remineralizing Facial.   Using the natural ingredients of Amala products, it leaves your skin brighter, firmer, smoother and more youthful.   I can attest to how wonderful it made my skin as well as other guests at the Ranch.  I received so many compliments on my skin that week!   I spoke with Elva before I had my 2nd facial to let her know I had one earlier in the week, so she could make any adjustments that might be needed.

Later this week I will share with you about the skin care products that are used at Rancho La Puerta.   I had a few readers email and leave comments that they love Amala products and I too am hooked!