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Upon the first inhale of this intoxicating scent of YSL’s Parisienne I was initially surprised.   It was much sweeter than I had anticipated.  It has top notes of cranberry and blackberry and it was too sweet for my taste (no pun intended).  In fact, hubby had to put his 2 cents in and he commented that it wasn’t his favorite.

Then a few minutes later I got to thinking, “Well now this doesn’t smell like it did before, I think I’m actually liking this”.   That’s because the floral notes of rose and violet kicked in. 

After about 15 or more minutes, I then really liked the fragrance.   My favorite woody scents of all came through –  first patchouli, then vetiver, musk, sandalwood.   The hubby even said to me – “You know that perfume you sprayed before – I’ve decided I really like it now”.  

The thought behind the fragrance is the  ultra femininity of a woman, warmed by the touch of the man who embraced her.   Some fragrances I just don’t get what they mean by what they are trying to accomplish with their scent.   This one I get.