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The other day I was getting a professional pedicure – my first one in several months.   I tend to do them at home in the winter time since my feet are not exposed and don’t have to look that perfect.  

As I was relaxing and nearly dozing off mid-day (I swear it was the first time I sat down and relaxed in about 10 days) I noticed when she was pushing my cuticles back and it didn’t seem to hurt me so much.  Sometimes when my cuticles are overgrown the cuticle pusher can feel harsh, but not this time.    To satisfy my curiosity I glanced down to see what she was using.  

To my surprise it was this funky shaped cuticle pusher.  Not only is it wider, but instead of  just straight out like an arrow, the end is thick and dimensional and curved on the end.   It prevents damage to your cuticle,  no sharp edges to hurt or slip with, it just gives you a smooth edge.

If  you do your own pedicures or are like me and sometimes bring your own mani/pedi products to the professionals (OK I know, it’s weird but I do it sometimes) this may be the product for you!   At $35 it may be spendy, but save yourself from pain and torn cuticles.