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Who knew? I certainly didn’t know that Olay made a facial hair removal kit until one surprisingly showed up at my door.  I confess, I’m a facial hairy beast. It sucks, this much I know for sure. I have tried countless hair removal systems – I seriously refuse to pay to have facial hair removed by a professional.  OK, I”ll splurge about once a year, but then I ask myself why did I waste the money when there are certainly more affordable ways to remove facial hair.  The Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo has moved to the top of my list of ridding my face of annoying facial hair.

What makes this different that other facial hair removers (like the ones that have BURNED when applied) is that this has a 2-step quick and easy process and step 1 is what saves your skin. It’s a Skin Guarding Balm that comes in a stick form that you lightly rub on the area you are going to remove the hair and it protects the face. Step 2 is the remover that you apply and leave it on around 8 minutes to remove all those pesky hairs. I used the kit for medium/coarse hair and there is one for fine hair as well, so you can choose which you feels suits your hair needs best. I had the least redness of all hair removers I’ve ever used, never broke out and best of all – the hair was gone!