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Endura Cooling towel

Finally, a discreet remedy for those pesky hot flashes with a product that lowers your body temperature by using a “cooling towel”. When this product is activated it remains cools for up to two hours and has the potential to lower the covered area by up to 20 degrees.

I recently tested this product by Mission Athletecare and found that it lives up to its claims. The product is called Endura Cool. To activate the towel you simply wet, wring, and snap. It absorbs moisture and stays cool – even leaving your skin cool after the towel is removed. I wore the towel around my neck while we entertained by the pool recently and it kept my body temperature down and kept me feeling comfortably “chilled”.

cooling towel

The technology behind this towel is a process that cools through evaporation and wicks moisture from your body, thereby creating a cooling sensation while it touches your skin.

Mission Athletecare suggests many uses for these cooling towels which include: gardening, exercising, biking, hiking, outdoor sporting events, and virtually any activity in which you engage that raises your body temperature. I suggest that the next time you experience an unwelcome hot flash that you try this simple solution for fast relief.

The large version of this cooling towel is available for $ 14.99 and is offered in many colors including blue, black, green and my personal favorite: PINK! Another great perk is that it provides UPF 45 sun protection, which shields whichever area is protected from sunburn.

These towels are easy to care for too – simply toss in the washer to clean. They do not need to be refrigerated which makes them a completely “portable” product. Check out the many cooling products that this company has to offer which include: bandanas, helmet inserts, skull caps, headbands and even cooling armbands.

Visit them at : www.MissionAthleteCare.com